Facebook now the size of the Internet in 2004 (door Brian Solis)

Posted on 8 oktober 2011



You’ve all heard the stat, if Facebook were a country, it would be the the third largest in the world. That stat was initially shared when Facebook hit 500 million users. Now the site has more than 800 million users and a new comparison that’s worthy of blog posts, tweets and conference presentations…Facebook now has as many users as the entire Internet did in 2004, which ironically is the year Facebook debuted.

According to data released by Pingdom, Facebook is also larger than the population of Europe, with Russia included. But when it comes to comparing Facebook’s population with worldwide users of the Internet in general, you can see that it ranks only second behind Asia. At 800 million, Facebook represents 28% of the current Internet population and 168% and 294% of the Internet population of Europe and North America respectively.

Pingdom also compared Facebook’s global citizenry with the actual populations of countries around the world (not just Internet users). Here you can see that Facebook’s active user base is 2.5x the population of the United States, 3.9x the population of Brazil, and 13x the population of the United Kingdom. Only India and China have populations larger than Facebook.

In the face, pun intended, of an important migration from that of a destination web to that of a social egosystem, businesses must rethink their web strategy. No longer is having a centralized www presence enough to satisfy the needs of online consumers. I’ve long maintained that businesses must augment their traditional web site with that of a social home page as well as a mobile experience. Catering to attention where it is focused is the only way to earn relevance in a new era of social consumerism. In doing so, businesses must also adopt a new mindset that doesn’t simply market to consumers the same old way just in new networks, but instead foster meaningful engagement and connections by providing value…as defined by the very consumers you’re trying to reach.

This is your time to not only earn Likes, but also make them count now and in the long term.

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