Action-Oriented Tweets Get More Shares [Data] (door Hubspot)

Posted on 6 oktober 2011


Writing clearly is a strong marketing weapon. Clarity of language is what gets your emails opened, landing page forms completed, and products understood. And guess what? Clarity of language is also what gets your tweets shared. 

Twitter share by parts of speechIn his Science of Social Media research, Dan Zarrella deconstructed different parts of our speech to determine the ones that resonate most with people. Dan discovered that verbs are the part of speech that generate the most shares. Verbs beat all — adverbs, adjectives and nouns — in terms of attracting the highest number of shares. In fact, Twitter updates that include verbs have a 2% higher shareability than the average tweet. 

Part of the explanation behind this phenomenon is that shareability levels on Twitter are not particularly high. In other words, people don’t like to think too much about the information you’ve shared with them. They want to be able to inhale it instantly, which in turn prompts them to spread it across their networks. 

This is great news for you as a marketer and business owner, because it proves your tweets should always include calls-to-action. Twitter is known as the link economy, so you should strive to refer people to your landing pages and invite them to take action once they are there. 

Marketing Takeaway 

The marketing lesson from this piece of data is that you need to make your tweets more actionable. Use verbs and to make them more action-oriented and compelling. Think about ways in which you can tweak your updates to give them more vibrant language. Most importantly, transform them into calls-to-action by including words such as “download,” “grab,” “receive,” “claim,” and “register.” Be clear in what you want your Twitter followers to do, and leverage this power to generate more leads from Twitter.

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