How to Become a Better Marketer on Twitter (door Copyblogger)

Posted on 4 oktober 2011


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The danger of giving good advice is, of course, that it is not often used.

The listener nods politely, saying, “Yes, yes, thank you. That is precisely what I ought to do.”

Then the listener goes right ahead and does precisely the opposite.

“Don’t ever give anybody your best advice, because they’re not going to follow it.” ~ Jack Nicholson

Jack may be right. Nonetheless, below you’ll find the best advice Copyblogger has to offer on using and applying Twitter to your marketing goals.

If you’ve got 140 characters to fill, here’s a few good ideas and strategies on how to do it to great effect …

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing

Start here. 100 curated articles covering 21 different topics. It’ll take a couple days, so get going now. #awesome #icantpossiblyclickallthoselinksman

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines

A Copyblogger classic. Brian saw early on that Twitter upped the headline game quite a few very brutal notches. Think your tweets are getting read in that firehose of information? Think again. Here’s how to do it. #iftheydontreadyourheadlinetheydontreadyou

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

This one might make you think twice about sharing [only] the mundane aspects of your life on Twitter. Yes, it can open up connections to power players you never thought possible. Yes, it can generate traffic and super-qualified leads. Yes, the plan is laid out for you right in this post. #123 #abc

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

Is it still possible to blow up on Twitter? If it is, these 5 steps (backed up by data) can show you how. #thisvirusdoesnotsuck

Here’s Hard Data for Headlines that Spread on Twitter

We talked about the art of it above, but here’s the hard data on writing effective headlines for Twitter. From the most (and least) retweetable words, to how talking about yourself affects conversion, see the stats for yourself. #dataiscool #conversioniscooler

How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer

You might think this is the misstatement of the century. But no, you read that headline correctly, Twitter can make you a better writer. #really #imnotjoking

Is Your Social Media Strategy Stalling Because You’re Not Doing This One Thing?

This “One Thing” is so basic, so entirely simple, that you may feel the headline overbilled it a bit. Let me tell you, it did not. Plus, there’s proof of its effectiveness after the jump. #moreharddata #strategytrumpsspeculation

3 Simple Steps to Finding More Clients on Twitter

Who wants more clients? Who wants to find more clients on Twitter? Right. If you answered “uh, me, actually” to one or both of those questions, read this post. #clientsaregreat #clientspaythemortgage

The Direct Line: Copyblogger on Twitter

Travel writing from New York to San Fran. Food writing from taco trucks to hotel restaurants. Questionable music opinion. Brian Clark runs this show, sending you all of the above as well as the smartest links in the business. #insidebriansid #watchout

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