You Have What It Takes (door Chris Brogan)

Posted on 3 oktober 2011


You Are Born With What You Need

There’s a story I’ve heard, and like all stories, the better question is never whether it is real, but whether you can make something from it. It goes like this:

Picasso is touring a school with someone who wants to know why the institute of education is failing the children. Picasso asks a roomful of six-year-old children, “Who here is a painter?” All hands go up. “Who here is a dancer?” “Who is a singer?” All hands go up. “Who here is a storyteller?” All hands go up. He walks down the hall to where the seventeen-year-old children are taking classes and he asks the same questions. Few, if any hands go up. “There’s your problem,” says Picasso. “Schools train our children not to be painters, dancers, singers, and storytellers.”

Again, who cares if the story is real? The meaning of the story is something you, yourself, can nod about. Because you are no longer all the things you were when you were six. You could be. But you’ve been made to believe that you are not.

You Have What It Takes

When people tell me that they can’t sell, I say that they most definitely can sell, and do sell every day. They simply sell only those things they truly and deeply believe in. “I love you” is sales language. “I believe in you” is sales language. “I’m happy to see you” is a great sale to make.

It might be very difficult to sell products that you don’t believe in, but then, who says you should work in and around a company where you don’t believe in the product? Why would you ever do that? Do you think the cast members who work for Disney don’t believe that their company creates memories and magic for their guests? Do you think that the hard working employees of Microsoft (not the drones who are there for a paycheck, but the ones really working hard to make interesting new things) don’t believe that they’re working on innovative futures?

You Choose All the Time

Where we get confused is when we forget that we make these choices. We decide where we live. No one has forced us there. We decide which job we have taken. There are no guns to our head. We decide which career we spend our days practicing. If you are not doing what you choose to do with your time, then that is a choice. Your choice. You’ve made this choice.

But It’s Not That Easy

Do you know who says that? People who are lazy. The laziest people say “It’s not that easy to change.” Do you know who never says it? Those who do what they truly want to do with their lives.

You Have What It Takes

You are a singer and a dancer and a storyteller and an artist. You are all the various things you want to be. If not professionally, then for passion. And never forget that little branch. You might never play basketball for the NBA, but why would you let that keep you off the playground? You might never see your painting in the Louvre (unless you’re fast and crafty!), but why would that keep your brushes dry?

And the same is true for business. You choose how your days are spent. You educate those around you as to how you want those days interrupted or not. You vote and sell every single day the details that leave the life around you that you want.

Complaining Isn’t Change

We, as a universe, are prone more and more towards complaining. I believe we forget that complaining isn’t changing. We forget that the act of speaking our mind is wonderful, but it’s only a portion of the experience. If we don’t choose to do something about those issues we are complaining about, then we ourselves have bought them, and someone else should be congratulated for being an expert salesperson.

You have what it takes. Now what will you choose to do?
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