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Posted on 24 september 2011


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I think there comes a time in every person’s life when he has to ask himself, “Am I most effectively doing what Copyblogger tells me to do, to the point of abdicating my free will and possibly granting its editors power of attorney?” So this week, I took inventory and decided that I wasn’t spreading my words widely enough.

To remedy the situation, I finally put some stuff up on Kindle as several people keep telling me I should do — my 2008 humor collection, two manifesto-weight posts to disseminate amongst the Kindle users of the world, and a short story from over a decade ago that I was shocked to discover I still really liked.

So when the Copy Police come around, make sure you tell them that I’m toeing the line, okay?

Here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger:


Are You Losing Business When You Hunt for Customers?

When I first saw this post’s title, I thought the concept was ridiculous. “If we aren’t supposed to hunt and eat customers,” I thought, “then why are they made out of meat?” But then I read more and began to understand the new metaphor: Gardening instead of hunting. Nurturing instead of killing. (Read on; this post even contains slugs.)

Read the full post here.


Sickly Sales Page? Try These 3 Copywriting Remedies

I’d never really considered approaching writing a sales page in the same way a doctor approaches treating an illness, but it makes total sense. Check this one out to see how a little bit of diagnostic methodology could spice up your sales. Side note: If ever someone offers you a home remedy for an ailment, make sure you ask first what it is and that you don’t accept if it’s a kick in the face, because I’ve decided that one is really ineffective.

Read the full post here.


How to Make Your Writing Real

If your writing is lifeless, it’ll get a lifeless reaction from people. But if it’s vibrant, you can convey your point in a way that actually moves and persuades your audience. I’ll just say that you should use the tips in this post with caution. The last time I tried to make my writing real, I accidentally created a doppelganger named George Stark who was really unpleasant, but you can consider evil figments “optional” when writing copy if you’re squeamish.

Read the full post here.


49 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Reasons You Should Run Your Website on WordPress

I used to think that simply having a site and slapping any old theme on it was good enough, but I don’t really think that anymore. Lackluster sites make you look like a lackluster businessperson with a lackluster attitude… and even the aesthetic stuff doesn’t address annoying things like hacking and SEO. Check out this writeup of some of the Genesis framework’s greatest hits.

Read the full post here.


What Works With SEO Right Now and Why No One Does What You Want

This episode of IMfSP radio has such enticing bullets as “The 2 words that get you 4 times more Retweets” and “The super-secret, embarrassingly simple, copywriting tip that converts,” but really what should drag you in is this one: “Why good SEO is like getting the hot girl in high school.” Now don’t you want to listen?

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

  • We Are All Weird: This post interested me because I’m pretty sure it means Seth is stealing my ideas, given my posts like “If People Think You’re Weird, They’re Right” and “Ronald Reagan: Clearly a Zombie since 1951.”
  • Are You Hiding Your Brand Personality?: You should read this one for two reasons: First, I see people all the time who aren’t letting their personalities into their brand, to their own detriment. And second, because I know Carole Brown and she’s awesome.
  • Are You a Social Media Polygamist?: I totally get this post, but to extend the metaphor, I’d add that sometimes a new social network is like that person who everybody says is hot and irresistible, but who you look at and go, “Meh. I don’t get it.”
  • Plus1 is Even More Powerful: Google is trying to make things confusing by introducing Google+ AND a +1 button but not really tying them together so far as I can tell. Here’s Chris Brogan’s guide to the button half, anyway.

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